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I'm Amanda!

And I am a generally happy person:) I'm a Dance major at UNT. Tyler, 3eb, blue, sea things, Harry Potter, traveling, eating, my convertible SUV Felix Felicis (Speedy) Gonzalez, and the lovely state of Tejas are all very important things.
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Little homes of earth and wood, Iceland.
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"Tumble me down, and I will sit/ Upon my ruines (smiling yet :)"
If you thought the English language went downhill when the emoticon was introduced, you can blame a 17th-century poet. Editor Levi Stahl found that English poet Robert Herrick used the first emoticon in his 1648 poem “To Fortune.”  For more on the potential ruin of language, read Fiona Maazel’s piece on commercial grammar. (via millionsmillions)
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Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina Fairchild in Sabrina, 1954.

want those eyebrows
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"I don’t agree with the extreme technique that the competitions develop these days. I think it turns dancers into robots, which is not pretty to watch. I am definitely a believer in artistry over tricks. The artistry will last longer, and you can develop it over decades. Tricks will come and go; one day you won’t be able to do them. After a while they’re kind of boring. With artistry, something new always happens. It’s creating a story and using your imagination on­stage. There is no imagination in tricks whatsoever."
Sara Mearns, Principal Dancer with New York City Ballet (via danceindawnlight)

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