Bring me the sun.
Amanda Rae Maraist
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Meow, lewd leery cheer
Leaning on doorposts, this
Woman. Whiskers on hand.
Georgia ovule, the maritime
March, the obvious confession.
This lackadaisical attempt at

Poetry is showy; skimpy on
The fabric — new age dementia.
Lace it with laudanum, to make it more
Alive. Rhythm happens. Let it

Flowery. Passive. Bowing. Curtsy.

Everybody hopes you’re happy now.
I really do hope you’re happy now.

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Found my new favorite spot in Berlin 😍 #goexploreberlin #packingwithpaige (at Michelberger Hotel)
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Ruminating campanelles of their existences on Sundays,
The warble of the thrush, the snowflakes on the paintbrush.
The flower’s curtsy. A maiden’s smile.
The call of the wine when it’s past midnight.
When the chimneys blow smoke and obscure
The sunrise or, more precisely, when they try to.

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corner bookshop. lewes, east sussex.
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